Commit Failure


Hello all,

We are on Xe, and have just applied Update One over the weeked. =20

Whenever we try to enter a non-stock purchase order, we get an error that =
says "Commit Failed or was Cancelled. Transaction not committed. See =
jde.log for more information."

When looking at the log, it says:

316/1792 Tue Jun 19 13:49:39 2001 JDBODBC5109
ODB0000071 - SQLPrepare failed

316/1792 Tue Jun 19 13:49:39 2001 JDBODBC5109
[IBM][Client Access Express ODBC Driver (32-bit)][DB2/400 SQL]SQL0519 - =
Prepared statement STMT0003 in use. - SQLSTATE: S1000

316/1792 Tue Jun 19 13:49:39 2001 jdb_drvm887
JDB9900401 - Failed to execute db request

This has been an issue for us for weeks, and so far, all JDE has been able =
to do was to tell us to apply Update One.

Any help would be appreciated.


Jim Miller
The City of Plano
Enterprise Server =3D AS/400


Unfortunately, experienced the same issue in XE with the same lack of vendor support...
A custom solution was to 'disable' all the Transaction Processing functionality in all the Distribution Applications identified in the J.D. Edwards Overview Document titled 'Troubleshooting Commit Failed Errors' (P4112. P4113, P4114, P4116, P4310, P4312, P4314, P43291, P4205, P42117). Basically, unchecking the Transaction Processing box found on the 'EndDoc' MBF usually from the 'OK' - Post Button Clicked event...also can be found on Form Interconnects...
This was a custom solution to the problem and so far, it definately stopped the random occurence of the 'Commit Failed' error message without any loss of data integrity!!
Good Luck...


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I'm experiencing similar problems using P4114. How do you turn off Transaction Processing for an application (B7332).


Sanjeev Harrish

ps. I'm not a developer!


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What Service Pack level are you at? There were quite a few Commit Failure problems fixed with SP16.1.

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Dan Richards
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Hi Sanjeev,

You can turn off transaction processing with the designer tools like FDA and RDA.
For updateable interactive forms once you can turn off Transaction processing on the Properties window of the form, further you can investigate the ER codes under Post button clicked event of the OK and Cancel form exits. You can set/clear the Include Transaction check-boxes for form interconnect and business function calls, further sometimes the remedy is to turn-off the Asynchonously check-box for business function calls in the mentioned events.

Hope, could help a bit.


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