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Commit Failure errrors


Hello, List.

We are also experiencing "Commit Failure" errors while doing Standard
Voucher entry, 2 way and 3 way voucher matches, and PO receipts. We are on
Xe SP 13. I read the responses for the Commit Failure Errors with SP 14.
However, does anybody seen these errors on SP13?

Anna-Marie Kremer
Xe SP13 Coexistent

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Well Known Member
What is your platform? We had this problem on the AS/400. If this is your platform, turn on jdedebug and look at the log. It may be erroring on the STRJRNPF command. If so, it may be an authority problem with the users (including JDE and/or ONEWORLD)not having object management rights to start journaling on the JDE files. JDE's response on this was to give all JDE users both *JOBCTL and *ALLOBJ authority. We're still not extremely happy with this solution, but it works. We are working on another way to get around giving users *allobj authority.