E9.2 Combine Fixed Asset master record with Equipment record - is it possible?


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Due to several factors, we have some pieces of equipment in our facility that have both a Fixed Asset Master record, and also an Equipment Master record. Is there any way to combine them so that we can use the same Unit Number? My hunch is no, but I'd love to be proven wrong! Thanks.


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Hi Don,

This could be a long answer, but I'll try to keep it as brief as I can.

From a process/architecture perspective, there is no way to take two separate records from the F1201 and merge them together. You can split Assets, but I don't recall a way to merge. Assuming you want the financials from both as well as the Maintenance history, you'd probably have to look at doing some SQL updates to a bunch of tables...for obvious reasons, not something to be considered lightly considering F0911 and F1202 would be involved.

I used to believe in trying to keep one single record that was the hybrid between the Asset and the Equipment. I've since changed my thinking on this for a variety of reasons, the strongest is that I've encountered few customers that have a well enough established process to manage the Add/Change/Disposal of records in such a way to make sure ALL requirements of Fixed Assets and of Maintenance (CAM) are addressed. Simply put...too many cooks in the kitchen, and too many hard-coded processes (F/A Disposal) that didn't think of the other side of the equation so are incomplete.

If you are trying to achieve a merger of the cost information, I'd highly encourage you to check out the Equipment Cost Analysis module. With ECA you could set up an analysis that rolls your two records together and presents a rolled up cost summary, which I'm guessing is your end goal of merging the records under a single Unit #. If you don't already have ECA licensed, we just helped Oracle kick off a campaign for Q4 to help customers understand the benefit of modules such as ECA and license them to augment their CAM module. So if you were to give your Oracle Rep a call and tell them "I hear you are doing a campaign around the extension modules for CAM, what kind of deal can you give me given it is Q4?" I'd bet you could get some love from Oracle right about now.

You know how to reach me, let me know if you wish to speak in more detail about any of this, happy to help.

Scott Hollowell