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Does any one know of a way to setup different colors for each environment? It would be nice to have a clearer way of distinguishing one environment from another.


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Hi Frank,

Once upon a time I have had something similar issue (not exactly the same). I have got a great idea from David Robertson to change some icons in the b7/pathcode/res subfolder. I copy David's reply for you, here to the end of my reply. Hopefully could be a little help for you too.
P.S.: You can check that thread also in the archives of the Forum for some other discussions/replies.
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2/14/01 01:52 AM
Re: How to attach logic to Sign-On? [Üzenet#: 5575 / re: 5543 ]

Hi again Zoltán,
I'm not sure this helps, but what we do is modify the bitmap in B7332
which is by default a little globe. Keeping it the same size, we've redrawn it on a highlighted colour as appropriate ,with the letters CRP or PRD. This displays on the bottom of all the windows, except the main menu window.

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I know you can change the colors of columns in OneWorld, but I am unaware of a way to change the window colors based on the environment. We've had users request the same thing here, so I would love to hear if there is a possible solution.

Ryan Allen

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I can confirm that \pathcode\Res\Stbr1.bmp is the way to go. I got the
suggestion off the list months ago and it was one of the few things that
made ALL our users happy about JDE.

Graham Jones
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Re: RE: Color for Environments

Hi Graham,

Very glad to hear, there is something that "makes ALL our users happy about JDE".


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Hi Frank and List/Forum,

I have recently found that you can specify the bit map file to appear on the bottom of the forms in the jde.ini file of the workstations:


also could be useful to comment out the


entry in the same section for performance reason.

You can also change or comment out the:


entry in the same section. This marble bitmap appears tiled while a started APPL appears totaly. If you remove this, then the background will be gray. Just an idea: You can replace this with red for PROD, yellow for CRP/PY, green for DEV and snow white for Pristine.

Hope, somebody could use it.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Hi Jerry,

What is that you want? To make contact with somebody from ViceVersa or with somebody that already used it?
Anyway, it seems to me that you are interested in something different from the current subject (Color for Environments).
If that is the case, you may want to avoid any confusion by opening a NEW thread, where:
a) the subject includes your keyword "ViceVersa",
b) the body explains what your concerns are, and
c) the conclusion shows your system configuration (it is somehow more important than your email-address or cell#). It definitely increases your chances to get a competent reply!.

Warm regards,

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I was pointed to this thread in the 'icon to select environment' thread. All looks VERY promising!!

One question: Do I need a full build before any of these changes take effect? Changing them on the fly doesn't appear to have any effect (neither changing the stbr1.bmp, nor onemenu.bmp)


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My experience was to put the modified BMPs in the correct res directories and it works. If you put this in the correct directories on the DS then build and deploy full packages for each environment, it should be ready to install to all Fat clients and Terminal Servers.
You know, there's a funky way to make this work if your users are coming in via Citrix boxes, and you can get them to select a given Citrix server for a specific environment - you simply do right-click Desktop & go into Appearance on the server and select color values you like for both Window and Desktop on that server.

That way, for example, when I log in via Citirx server 4 for DV, I get the pale yellow screens, and when I log in via Citirx server 1 for PD I get the pale green screens.

Yes, it requires very little except adhering to a convention! I like these simple solutions.


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I have not been able to get this to work. Is there something else special that has to be done. I went out to my citrix dev machine and changed the Window and desktop settings to red. When I log into JDE right from the citrix machine it works, but when I launch a Citrix session from an end-user's workstation it still comes up white. I have verified that they are connecting to the machine I made the color change too. I also deleted the profile from documents and settings and it is still coming in white.


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There once was a tool created to do this very thing. It was called Fat Client Colour Changer, or something very similar. It was listed in the downloads section. See if you can find that item.