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Hello list,

We are coming up live on Xe with an AS/400 as our enterprise server. We =
are already live on one module, and expect to have all others up by June =
1. We will have about 300 users, about 275 of which will be on thin =

My question is, once we are live and the system is completely stable (if =
that ever happens), is it feasable to outsource the CNC/citrix support to =
a consulting firm that could give us a resource a day or two a week, or is =
it absolutely mandatory that someone be here eight hours a day, five days =
a week?

Any thoughts on this subject, particularly by JDE customers, would be =
greatly appreciated.



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I guess it would depend on how quickly your users want answers (should an
issue arise) as to if you
have a resource there 8hrx5day. If not, then there is certainly the
possibility to outsource the CNC function.

Wade Wells
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That depends on how you define the CNC/Citrix job. We currently have
250+ users (everyone except the developers is on thin clients). We have 2
CNC guys (myself and my assistant. I actually thought it would be nice to
take a vacation.). We stay pretty darn busy but we do all the security, user
creation, help developers troubleshoot system probs and figure out why it
ran fine in DEV but not in CRP, deploy about 5-10 dev/crp/dv/py packages a
day, get calls from everyone in the company when anything goes wrong with
One World, take care of all the plugins to one world (Optio, DSI, a custom
price engine, custom Proof of Delivery system, etc.), troubleshoot issues
with our Citrix admin (yep we have a dedicated Citrix guru too but our farm
is 35+ Dell servers dealing with 2000+ users from all our divisions), along
with being the last line of defense to some screwed up code being put into
production and the list goes on to the little things like resetting user
passwords and figuring out that "oh you can't get into One World. No One
World isn't down you clicked on the wrong published app" kind of stuff. Plus
if One World does go down looks like you'll need these guys on retainer
unless you have a full second install to fail over to. But my life is based
on the fact that we do lots of custom mods, are rolling out to about 600+
users over the next year, try to run 24X7 and are constantly tuning things
between the Unix box/the Oracle DB/and One World. If you are a 9-5 M-F with
no mods and no plugins with no fear of downtime and have an AS400/admin team
that know how to deal with Citrix and the basic guts of One World as it
applies to the system side along with some knowledge of how it interacts
with the DB you might be fine. I am not being sarcastic - just stating how
things work for us to give you an idea. One World stable though---HMMMM
might be stretching it a bit there. :-0

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/B733 Base distribution/XE Financials


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I'd say Michael answered some 99% of possible problems to be encountered :)
We have 200+ clients, 2 CNC/DBAs and one of them (the mother_CNC) just gave birth to a healthy 9 pounds baby_CNC_boy, the other is on vacation, I am the only Developer, BUT we made sure we have an Other CNC (JDE consultant) with us, just in case ...
Better safer than sorry.

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I totally agree with Mark. There are two of us as well and we're very, very
busy doing everything that Mark mentioned. Anytime a user has any question,
issue, whatever, they come to us and we answer, fix, change, research,
implement & deploy ESU's to all the right places. It is definitely a very
busy function and quite important as the CNC folks know everything that ties
all components together. Troubleshooting alone can keep you running most

Good luck,
Kimberley Bohn
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
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Jimm :

Most (if not all) OneWorld installations need intensive CNC support.
You'll have to deal with lots of packages, ESUs, ASUs, Service Packs,
workstations, Citrix, DBMS, OS, Clients, permissions, Web Access,
tuning, OCM, etc.


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