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Client File Security error


Active Member
I have a user who is getting a Citrix error when he enters a transaction. He has been using this transaction successfully for years. The error shows a Citrix pop-up and asks what access he wants (Full Access, Read Access, No Access) and if he wants to be asked again.

No matter what combination of options he chooses, it always shuts down his JDE session. I'm not sure if this is a Citrix issue or a database issue.

Thank you,


Legendary Poster
This dialog box is coming from the Citrix client software, not JDE.

When he loses his session, can you see if the session has been disconnected (but still available for reconnection), or has he completely lost everything?


Active Member
Thank you. It does log him out of JDE completely. I had him perform a couple of tests. He went to another PC where a different user was logged into Citrix. He logged into JDE with his ID and tried the transaction. He got booted out again.

Then I had him try the reverse... from his PC he logged into Citrix and another user logged into JDE. That user was able to get into the transaction with no problem.

This makes me think it's an issue with his jde.ini file. We're investigating from that side. Does that make sense?



Legendary Poster
I don't know about his JDE.INI, but I would look at his profile directory stored on your Citrix server. Since the problem seems tied to his specific user ID, have you tried deleting his profile directory in Documents and Settings? Then the next time he logs in, it will recreate itself.