Cleanup the jde.log and jdedebug.log


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Does anyone know an easy way to delete the JDE and JDEDEBUG logs that reside on
the enterprise server. I would like a way to automatically clean the up after
so many days.

Thank you
Ellen Davis
XE, SP13
CO - AS/400
Enterprise server AS/400
OS - V4R4M0


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I have begun studying JDEdwards and there is a setting in the JDE.ini file under DEBUG section where you can specify how large and/or what events the JDE.log and JDEDEBUG.log contain. We are on B7331 and I don't know what the INI files for newer versions look like. It might not be what you are looking for but its a thought.


I have done this before using a simple batch file and the NT Task Scheduler, or
Cron, or Sleeper, etc depending upon what platform you are on.

Create a simple script to delete the files. I've actually added some simple
backup procedures as well.

Scott Zuke
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