Cleaning up old routers / BOM


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Hello All,

Our mfg team did a large move of items from one branch to another. They are curious if there is a way to delete the routers and BOMs from the old branch.

This is not referring to router/BOM detail attached to specific WO, but the master records in F3002/F3003.

So, I have a couple questions:
- Is there a built in mass purge job? I looked through the R30 and R31 jobs and I don't see anything. I also looked at the Prod Data Mgmt guide and found nothing.
- Has anyone done this in the past and identified the tables involved? When I SQL Profile an interactive delete, I don't see sql deletes except for F3015 which we don't use. I just see cursor statements referencing the BSFNs.
- What damage does removing this info do to reviewing WO in that branch?
I am not real keen on mass deletes like this in SQL, but they do have 1700 they would like to clear out.

Let me know if you need more information or have questions.

Thank you for your time,