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Citrix server with Quad-processors


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We currently have a farm of 14 dual-processor Citrix servers live with
OW B7331. With this install we have on average 25 users per box,
performance is still good up to 30 users per box.

We have another division of our company currently on World that will
be going coexistence by the end of the year with Xe. We are looking
at having a farm of Citrix servers for this install as well. But we
would like to use Quad vs. Dual processor servers. Can we expect to
get 60 to 70 users per server? OS will be Win2K with 4Gb of RAM.
We currently are using 2 Compaq 8500, 8-way Xeon 550 with 4GB RAM
running in load balance. These machines are supposed to support around
160 users each. Currently we have had around 60 users connected and the
system utilization has only been around 10% on both servers.

Our initial setup was going to be Compaq 6400s, 4-way Xeon with 4GB RAM
which we were told were supposed to support 60 users. When the 8500s
came out, we decided to run those as we only need to support two instead
of four or six for the amount of users we will be running with. Hope
this helps.

Russ Kissock
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Medtronic Inc.
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