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We are planning on switching 12 OneWorld FAT clients to a Citrix server.

All of these workstations solely do inquiry functions (such as customer
service inquiry, etc.)


Some recommend the Xeon P3 dual processor. However, we also have been
searching out the 2.0Ghz P4 that has 400Mhz ram. I believe we can put
4GB of RAM on either motherboard. How far can you go before you get
into the mini-mainframe market?

Also, we have looked into uploading 3D cad network software, Solid-Edge
V10 (like AutoCad 2000), onto the Citrix server. Four engineers would
be running this software concurrently with 12 JDE OneWorld inquiry
workstations on the Citrix server.

Question #2 is: ARE WE ASKING FOR TROUBLE? Will everything on Citrix
slow down to a crawl?

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JDE Recommend dedicated Citrix Servers for OneWorld. For 12 Users you can
make do with a 2 Processor Xeon P3 Box, with 2Gb of RAM. You only really
need 4 Processors for say 30 Users.

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Citrix and AutoCAD on the same server would be classified as not a really good idea. Both are memory hogs and can be processor intensive as well, especially AutoCAD.
Also the Xeon processors are pretty much a waste of money. I've got two servers with Xeon processors and 1 system with standard PIII processors and I really can't tell any difference between them (except the price).
The best way is to use standard processors on several different servers. This will give you the best load balancing and also redundancy in case of a server failure. Trying to put everyone on the same server, most likely will just be a big headache for you.

Good luck,

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There are two GATS documents that you should read. They are:
"Windows Terminal Server Edition Memory and Wide Area Network Sizing Analysis" (This doc is from 1999; however it still contains useful information.) and "Deployment of OneWorld packages to Windows Terminal Servers". (This doc is more admin.)

It sounds like it will be on a LAN. I don't think performance will be too bad. I haven't seen any benchmarking numbers to back up my last sentence.

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