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Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

David Robertson

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I've used PC Anywhere for remote admin and package builds on the deployment server quite successfully as well. This makes life much easier when the machine is physically located in another building, or several floors away, in a cold, noisy machine room.

I'm now using PC Anywhere for development, and I find it much more stable than VNC. My host PC hasn't needed to be booted for days, and the speed is ok.

Citrix development would be nice, as it should theoretically be quicker. I can't see why you'd corrupt your specs on a single user system, though I haven't had the opportunity to try it.


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I've found PC DUO to be a lot quicker than PCanywhere in the past. A couple of clients tested both and used it.

One suggestion, I have never tried it but it seems possible, is to connect to WTS via Citrix and then use remote software to connect to a one for one pc session. In this was a standard fat client is used, but the WAN traffic is handled by Citrix, the best of both worlds.

Has anybody done this?


Paul Clark
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yep, another consultant set it up at a client, so that you have a wts
session and on that session there's vnc (or euiv.) and yes, it works very


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I have tried logging on to a TSE over the internet and using it for a
PCANYWHERE session on a FAt client but it seemed to be slower than
connecting to the PCANYWHERE client directly over the internet.

Andy Smith

Andy Smith
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Been there, done that, works great. I have used Citrix to connect to a TSE
box after hours and then VNC to a fat client for building packages, etc.
Response from the Citrix session was much quicker so do my basic work from
there, all CNC work, object transfers and stuff, and then connect to the fat
client to do package builds and the like. I shared the TSE box with a
developer who did some of his work on there also but no users accessed it.
Never had a problem. It's great having two OneWorld sessions running at the
same time to speed things along.

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I second that! Works great and you can access as many
fat clients as you have VNC set up for.

Plus with the Citrix Web client you can be on just
about any computer.
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Here is something to try, it sure worked here...:

Go to Citrix neighborhood
Connection Tab
Click the ADD Button
Type in the address for up to 5 Servers
Click OK to close.

The client should connect without a problem


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