Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!


Hi All,

Our project team is now in Germany using the naff PC Anywhere. What we were
thinking of doing was changing it so they used Citrix. Before you all shout
that a developer/apps member cannot use citrix we would create a SINGLE user
citrix session to our current PC Anywhere boxes. I cannot see there being a
problem but would appreciate any comments.

Many thanks,
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We use a development server with a one user limit and it works just fine.
You just have to put that user in a group called "OWDEVELOPER". That will
give you access to the toolset.

I also know there are people out there who can configure the box for
multiusers as well. The all just get there own spec files.



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I personally set up a client development workstation with VNC (see my website for the link and info) then run the vncviewer.exe program on my Citrix session to connect through to the development box.

This has major, major advantages over PC Anywhere....

1. VNC is free
2. VNC is tiny
3. VNC runs on anything (even a palm-pilot)
4. Citrix is great over a WAN or a dialup
5. vncviewer.exe is the entire viewer - 250k in size !
6. This would not risk your citrix server
7. VNC is free.......

Jon Steel

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David Robertson

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Hi Jon,

I have used VNC to do remote access, and I must say I found it to be painful. While it was indeed useable, it has a problem of slowing down over time. We found we needed to reboot the remote PC's about every hour to keep up the performance for running the toolset. After 2 hours, it was difficult to even reboot, the response time were so slow.

Being free is good, but it could be better :)


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I agree. I don't think it is really "production" style software, but as an
admin I use it to build packages remotely, and get to other servers from my
Citrix farm.


Free does have it's use


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PCAnyWhere: If it matters JDE does not support the use of this product to
create, build, and deploy packages remotely. I myself have used it to
remotely do the above and when it does not work I go directly to the
deployment server and without fail the create, build and deploy process
works just fine. I would say that it is not 100% reliable.

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Has anyone tried using NetMeeting's Remote Desktop Sharing to remotely
create, build, deploy packages? I am aware of a company who is using it to
remotely control many of their Servers (non-JDE). They are extremely happy
with it.

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Re: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

We use PCAnywhere in house just so we don't have to walk over to the Deployment server everytime we want to do something there. There is one flaw, though, and JDE knows about it (but can't do anything about it either). If you try and do a Package build via PCA, it will lock up the Deployment server when you get to the screen for selection of Features. The screen just flakes out and that's it, you have to shut OW down and start over. That is the only major problem we have had although we also have had cases where the "remote" person says that their screen is "pink" for background yet the PC they are hooked to is not. (for example). There seems to be possibly some video issues that may pop up like this one. We do not plan to distribute PCA as a connection solution for users, just for developers (so we can work from home if needed) and in house to talk to servers without getting the (needed) exercise of actually walking to these servers.

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Don't know if anyone has mentioned but it is very cool. I
use it to access my system at home. You could go vice versa very easy with
no firewall troubles. Great if your on a cable modem and don't want to dial
in, of course you better check with the network admins first :) Nice thing
about this tool is that it uses an applet to allow access so you can get in
from any I.E. web browser on any machine, no software to install.

- Ethan Post


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installation workbench on XE from my experience is the only component of
OW that does not like PCAnywhere.


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RE: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

I've used quite a few Remote Desktop packages now and nearly all of them
seem to have problems with large bitmaps. In particular through the Package
Assembly, etc there are a lot of bmp's. Also some freak out with 3GL
graphics, to the effect that it blue screens the server. One thing that I
have learnt with Remote Desktop is to diable the background bmp in oneworld



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Re: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!


We've been using the NetMeeting method for quite a while here and haven't had any issues with package builds or deployments. My only suggestion is that you keep the resolution low. The speed is sometimes affected by high resolutions on the server or workstation.

RE: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

I am having a project where client wants us to develop reports, business
views etc. on a citrix client machine connected to citrix and JDE server
over VPN link. We are able to check in / check out reports and create batch
application but system thorws error " Terminal server not authorised" while
adding / checking out objects pertaining to business views, tables,
interactive applications etc.

This is creating problem in development of business views.

1. Is development over citrix possible and to what extent???
2. Is there any alternative mechanism like "PC ANywhere" which can be used
for remote development?? will it consume more bandwidth?

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I can't imagine using it for OneWorld.

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David Robertson

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How are ya mate?!?!?!
So what is an "Intermediate Programmer/Analyst"? I must be a bit behind in my terminologies and job titles.

I used VNC at the end of last year for a couple of months. It was a bit like programming in OneWorld before release. So imagine regularly having to reboot to flush the memory leaks.

Right now, I'm using PCAnyWhere (as of 2 days now). Speed is ok, but occasionally a bit flakey in the same way that long distance phone calls sometimes are, with a delay between clicking, and the response. Still having trouble getting my keyboard to map correctly.

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Re: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

Hi Ethan,

I had been looking at GotoMyPC. Unfortunately they could not give me a straight answer regarding Proxy servers. I understand the no firewall issues as they support port 80 and 443. Have you had an opportunity to remote control you cable modem-attached PC at home from withing the bounds of a corporate proxy?


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Re: RE: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!


I have found that development is going to be very limited over citrix/TSE. Edwards has disabled certain functionality to TSE's to avoid corruption in local pathcodes being used by multiple clients (I assume this is the reason why). I also found that these restrictions are not based on the OS, but the services that are running. Even having TSE services installed and stopped on a win2k Deployment server can be problematic.

Also, a quick note about VNC. Originally, this product was suggested to me by the JDE support line and I began to use it. However, I have recently encountered very critical errors in software updates and especially package builds on a Win2k deployment server using VNC. Certain screens will actually display incorrect information through both a remote VNC session and a console session until the server has been rebooted. I have been told that for this reason JDE no longer supports remote administration of Win2k Deployment servers. I know that this is not directly related to your development question, but if you end up developing on a Win2k FAT client (remotely) be aware that VNC may cause problems.

Good luck.

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Re: RE: RE: Citrix not PCAnywhere!!!

Sar 5123173 indicates when jde.ini is changed on Citrix, development capabilities are enabled. However it would be safer to use PC Anywhere for development purposes in order to reduce the chances of corrupting specs.

I had to enable development on Citrix so that the users can check in, check out and delete their own versions.

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I use VNC to get to my AS400 Ops Console to do the SAVSYS when I can... I
also use it to go to my deployment server to do package builds and
deployments... It is a bit slow but much faster than trucking back and
forth to the main building all day... We use Citrix for users and
PCAnywhere for a couple of programmer/builder types to work from home...
Everything has it's own use...


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