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Anyone applicable-
Please advise as to your experience with the NFuse web add-on in a MetaFrame/WTS OneWorld environment. Any special considerations in terms of performance tuning, remote printing, etc?

Any/all input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Because, essentially, NFUSE is just a front-end for the CITRIX client, most all of the issues present with a CITRIX OneWorld client is also present when using NFUSE. The server that is running the NFUSE application (probably your web-server) does not have to be beefed up for any intense processing either. For what NFUSE does, dynamically create your apps page, it does it perfectly well for OneWorld also... the only things I've had:

1.) Looking at security for the clear text passwords passed from the client to the webserver.
2.) Transferring numerous and big PDFs across the wire sometimes becomes an issue.

But, again, these are issues with or without OneWorld per say. I've actually used NFUSE as a remote admin control panel for OneWorld, and it works great.

Hope that helps!



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Yesterday Citrix released an upgrade to NFuse that allows SSL encryption of the web session. They have allowed 128bit encryption for free (MF 1.8 FR1 or better) since they canned their homegrown security product. So really the security of sessions over the web isn't really an issue anymore unless you feel that 128bit is still not strong enough for your needs. Now that being said we do not allow internet access to OW but that is not really a security stance it is just that we don't need to as we don't have work-from-home types. But you don't have to use NFuse as an internet application, using it internally is just as beneficial.

As for the PDF's that is a good point. We use LPR port printing on our Citrix servers to our network printers so each of our remote office's printers actually prints from the citrix server direct to their printers without having to mess around with the client side printer mapping. However in yesterdays update Citrix also released a universal print driver which may make the client side printer mapping much less of a nightmare than it was before.

NFuse will make your life much easier since you can use ICA client auto-installation (look into 'project columbia') and you don't have to worry about configuring your ICA clients. Using NFuse you can also incorporate the OW icons into a corporate web portal or intranet or something like that too. A little added flexibility and ease of client maintenance is the biggest benefit to NFuse.

Good luck,

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We started using Nfuse several weeks ago. We had several problems related
to having the Citrix Program Neighborhood client installed along with the
Citrix Web client. I would suggest uninstalling Program Neighborhood and
only install the web client. The problems involved some registry settings
that had to be removed and also some display property problems. Removal of
the PN client seemed to correct any issues.

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