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Citrix export to excel


We have Germany and the UK on the same citrix box. Within OneWorld we have no issue but with the exports to excel it appears we can only have either English or German settings. Can anyone tell me of a way I can have multiple countries access the same citrix box but using the user local PC settings.
This problem can be related to the User profile in OW. When the user have a decimal separator , instead of . the export to excel will not create a CSV, will create a text file.
When a user request to open the file to citrix, it is configured to open notepad instead of excel.
This problem happens in Spain, Brazil ... where the User profile in OW is ,

Hope this help...


we found a work around to this issue:
-copy the grid in JDE as per normal
-on the users local machine do a "paste special"
-the user will be given a choice, choose cvs.
-date, decimal setting..ect will now be pasted in using the local machine's default country settings.