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Citrix and XE


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.Libbi :

Though there's not a definite answer on that subject, I would start
with Citrix.
95% of what you learn with Citrix and B7332 will be useful with your
future Xe thin client installation.



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Per your question about Citrix and XE the two are unrelated. Doing one will not change the process of doing the other.

I have implemented Citrix before and after doing an XE upgrade. Citrix works as well in B7332 as it does in XE.

If you need any help implementing Citrix or Upgrading to XE I am a OneWorld CNC consultant and over 20 OneWorld projects under my belt and I am and I’m looking for a new project.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at 801 557-8368

Michael Trottier


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.I would consider moving to Citrix first so you don't have to support a large
number of "fat" clients on Xe. This would make it easier to rollout
subsequent updates between now and then also.

I guess I am just suggesting "chewing" off the easier of the two tasks

James Wilson
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OW Xe B73.3.3 SP16 AIX
IBM RS/6000 AIX 4.3.3 Enterprise Server (Central Objects)
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NT 4.0 Deployment Server
"fat" Win95/Win98 and TSE/Citrix "thin" clients
ZenWorks - using to deploy initial OneWorld clients

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