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Citrix and c:\drive /JDE and c:\drive


Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

From reading the these posts I've come to understand that JDE requires a c:\ in a terminal server environment. However, Citrix reserves c: for the local drive (C:$). When someone logs on to JDE in a Citrix session, what is the best method of providing c:? Subst c: J:\? We are only presenting the application, no desktop. Many thanks, aconnor


Re: Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

Do not subst drives.

OneWorld requires access to the local C: drive since the licensing for oneworld is hard coded to write these files to the root of the C: drive. The user doesn't need to physically SEE the drive - after all, they're only seeing the oneworld application - but behind the scenes, they need admin access to write to 6 files in the root (these are hidden)


Re: Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

Ok, but how do you circumvent the problem. The users get the citrix local drive as J:. JDE is looking to C: for the license files etc. The client can't find the files. The citrix website has one instance of this where the solution was inconclusive ("have you contacted the vendor for a workaround?"). People seem to be using citrix and jde all the time (even though our consultants advised against it - why I don't know). Where do I look for the secret. - I'm not a newbie, but a confusedbie.


Re: Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

After a long trial/research period of trying to get JDE to work on a W2K3 Server, and finding bits of info here and there but not being able to find all info at one source, I thought I'd post my experience and ask for any improvements along the way.

JDE 7.333 (older version)
Citrix 4.0 Presentation Server
Windows 2003
Oracle Client 10g

Problem: Get user permissions correct so that both Oracle and JDE can be used by "Users" without admin rights.

After all the software is installed, and the Citrix machine has its own C:\ (not J:,K: or whatever), full file permissions must be given to:

C:\B7 (or whatever JDE version home directory) + subdirs.
c:\jde*.* (typically 10 files)

Registry permissions: full admin to the following keys -












HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JDEdwards + subkeys

One TID recommended givings admin rights to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT at the root. I tried this and could no longer log on to the machine. Thank God for Acronis.

Oracle will not allow non-admins to connect unless the following is set:
Local Security Policy - Local Policies - User Rights Assignment - Create global objects
Add here the Group or Persons needing rights to the Oracle Client.

That about does it. It doesn't seem like much, but does work.
Re: Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

Thank you for the update. Now what we'd really like to know is:

Who are those consultants, and why did they recommend against Citrix? Personally, I think those "consultants" don't know their cache from a hole in the ground.


Re: Citrix and c:\\drive /JDE and c:\\drive

Who are those consultants, and why did they recommend against Citrix?

[/ QUOTE ]

Usually this is a consultant that works for some company that views Citrix as a competitor. Oracle and Microsoft view citrix as a competitive technology. Unfortunately neither can come up with an alternative that is better than citrix !

Citrix is great technology - it works, its stable, and the users love it. What more is there ?