CIF in AB or INV


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Does anybody know how the fields Exist Pgm/File in the fold of the CIF
Table work? I have searched the knowledge garden and read the manual and
nothing defines or explains these fields. I called JDE and they have no
explanation either.

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The theory behind this was explained to me some years ago as allowing validation against data values in an external file, rather than simply in a UDC table. I've never tried it though - so good luck!

A7.3.11 v4r5


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CIF was a relational data bases in the AS400 RPG world originally created in the HR
system. You can define new UDC's, non UDC's codes, or narrative attached to A/B or
Item Master records. We have used the CIF as a receptical file for converting legacy
information into that did not fit within the standard a/b or item master file. As
for setup, suggest using the JDE documentation CD for A7.3 or A8.1 and look in HR
system. If you have additional questions call me at 303-810-2344. Cheers.

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