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Cheque Printing to third party



I remember a discussion a while back that dealt with cheque printing to a
third party product. We are trying to do the same thing by moving the PDF
cheque output over to the third party product that will take the file and
print the cheques. My biggest problem is that OneWorld does not allow you to
output the UBE queues to different file locations. Am I right in assuming
that the only way to move the output file (in the PRINTQUEUE folder on the
enterprise server) is via a batch program? Any ideas?

B733 SP11.1 NT\SQL 7.0


Crawford Winter
Transamerica Life Canada
What type of third party app are you using? We use Formscape. We have
setup our print within JDE and setup a conversion string. After the job
runs we go to submitted jobs select the job and print, then we change the
printer to the formscape printer and there it is. For one user we have
created an account and set it up to have the formscape printer as its
default and to print immediately so when the job completes you have checks.

If you are using formscape I can help you more with the automation of it.


B7331 | SP10.1 | NT4/W2K | SQL7.0 | W2KTSE

Robby Pollard
DK Publishing