Checking in Local Report specs in OMW


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I recently wrote a report in XE using OMW. Naturally it placed the report in
my default project. I checked it in with no problem, then checked it out
again and continued to make some modifications to it. After that, I was
checking in other objects and mistakenly clicked on the blue arrow at the
bottom of the action bar on OMW and moved my report out of the project.

How do i get the local specs back to the project so that I can check it in ?

In previous versions of Oneworld you would just go to Object Librarian and
type in a fake checkout line at status code 3 and then check it in.

Peter J Fourie


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Hi Peter,

I believe you can still "cheat" in Xe. If you include the following line in your (local) JDE.INI


you can type P9860 in your fast path and still access the old OL and do what you have to do. As no OMW records will be written this way, I suggest you include this object again in your project and check it back out and in.
I haven't tried this personally, but I believe it should work.


Sef van den Nieuwelaar
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Hi Peter,

If you have already setup a Save Location on your system then you can make fake check-out on XE too. Follow the steps:

1.) Save your UBE to the save location.
2.) Check-Out the UBE. You will get the Check-Out status and the token too.
3.) Restore the UBE or Get it from the save location.


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