Check Branch Plant security on the fly (BSFN??)


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Hi all,

Is there a BSFN to check if a a user is allowed access to an MCU? Is there a BSFN I can call to check the row security myself?

I was thinking of doing a select fetch on F00950 using the USER ID and DTAI = MCU to check for a match. Is that simple for super users who can see everything?

Reason I ask is I am allowing users to type in certain MCUs for Item Branch creation and I need to check that they are allowed access to that branch somehow.
I've never seen row security in action in an interactive session, so I don't know how it behaves.
Does it error on the user there and then?


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To check the F00950 you may have to take into consideration the User, any assigned roles (in priority order) and *PUBLIC. Also whether or not exclude or include security is active. Your organisation policies and JDE setup may simplify some of this.

Row security changes the where clause of the SQL generated by the inquiry. This is done at the system level. I've never seen it coded in an application or UBE. I've never seen a standard BSFN that returns the access to a particular business unit or other data. But that doesn't mean it's not there. I think I remember someone posting a SQL on JDEList that did what you want (or an approximation), but I'm not certain.

Depending on the application/action it may raise an error at the time or just not return anything. I'm not sure what would happen if you coded (in a custom application/UBE) a "manual" row insert into a table for a business unit and the user running it did not have access to add the business unit. It would be simple to test.

I believe that there are commercial utilities/reports (probably as part of a suite) available from All Out Security and others, that do what you require.

If you create your own, I would be interested in the details.