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Hello Jde users,

Our company would like to revise the chart of account and therefore run the Global update on the BU, the object and subsidiary. the jde doc tell me teh f0911, f0902 f0901 and eventually f0006 will be updated ( plus Fixed assets if required ). Would you know ( apart from the interface systems ) If I do need to update some other files in AP or AR or distribution files.

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Our Financial Reporting Dept. went through this last week. Unfortunately
they didn't assess all the effects of their changes, i.e. Fastr, W.W.,
DreamWriters, and more importantly, Data Warehouse extracts. Consequently
we had to scramble to undo the changes until we can complete a total
assessment of the effect. Our changes also affected Fixed Assets. The FA
staff were the first to hit problems, they couldn't run dep. for June.

Although our changes didn't affect distribution, it is my understanding
that distribution can be affected as well. A co-worker remembers an
occasion during implementation when this happened, a consultant cleaned it
up. I not a distribution type so I can't help there.

By the way I encountered a problem with the FA update program P12802. It
doesn't update all asset records. We have about 4500 assets that are either
fully depreciated or fully contributed through government grant, etc. We
were attempting to change our depreciation expense accounts. Unless their
is an F1202 in the current year, P12802 will not update the F1201
Depreciation Expense FAXOBJ. Although fully depreciated assets would not be
included in dep. calculations, when you run depreciation, they are reported
as in errors. I logged this yesterday, they have raised enhancement SAR #

Peter Davis
Business Analyst
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

[email protected] on 05-07-2001 07:28:22 PM