Changing UM



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Hi there.

we need to change the UM in the master file (f4101) and update this change in the transactional files.

is there any report in 8.12 that can make this update?

thanks in advance.

Hi Luis
To the best of my knowledge there is no batch job to help. it is all manual. When I need to change a primary UOM, usually do it after business hours. for the item and branches involved, use Inventory Adjustment to remove all stock on hand from all branches and all locations. Change the primary UOM in Item master, ensuring there is a conversion from old primary to new primary. Also need to change the inventory valuation cost method cost ( eg 07 if using standard cost) as the cost is based on the primary UOM> Then inventory adjustment for all stock back on to the on hand in all branches and all locations with the quantity in the new uom. It is a bit painful but this keeps your inventory correct and ensures data integrity. I hope this helps.
Thanks Marilyn, but we decided not to change anything. To much complex in a lot points of view. thanks again.