Changing the DLL of a BSFN


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Hi List,

I mistakenly created a bsfn(NER) in the wrong DLL, and would like to change it to our custom DLL. I have changed the DLL within the design tools, and rebuilt the bsfn. This worked fine for a while, until I signed off and on again. Now I get the error that the function load failed in the OLD DLL?????

Is there something else I have to do to get this bsfn move to be noticed? I have tried rebuilding all the DLL's but this had no effect.


Tom Brown

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Hi Tom,

Please, check out the ott-99-0003 "Steps to Change the Parent DLL of a Business Function" documentation from the Knowledge Garden.
It explains the steps how to do it correctly.
There is an important term in it: "4. Rebuild Libraries in BusBuild (To do this BusBuild must be run outside of OneWorld. OneWorld should be closed during this process. Run BusBuild from the Command Line or execute it from System/Bin32)"

This documentation also explains, how can you verify the changes for workstations and servers using UTB on TAM files.

My addition: you have the following entry in your jde.ini
under the
section making TAMs available for UTB. The documentation have forgotten to mention it.

Please, let us know your results.

Good luck,
P.S.: If you have trouble to download the mentioned document then let us/me know.

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Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 13:48:15 +0100
From: Tom Brown
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I have managed to find it Zoltan - there is no need to email it - thanks

tom brown

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RE: RE: Changing the DLL of a BSFN

thanks for checking Zoltan - I have found the document and followed the
procedure and everything is working nicely now - although for your
information the instructions say...

4. build all libraries(outside of oneworld)

5. build your function

they do not say whether or not to build the function(point 4) within or
outside of oneworld, and I found it only to work when the function itself
was built OUTSIDE of oneworld. I am not 100% sure this is necessary, but it
did not work the first time I tried it when I built the function from within


Tom Brown