Changing the BU on an unposted voided journal entry


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

Here is our issue today. A user has posted journal entry from May she wants to void. She chose the void option, chose a June GL date, then saved the resulting void entries. However, when she tries to post this entry, it errors because one of the original BU's has now been set to Non posting. At first I would think you would be able to just go into this unposted void entry and change the business unit. It appear to let you change the bu and account, but there is no SAVE button to save the change.

It would appear that once you've started a void but have not posted the void, you have no option to change anything.

Anyone have any thoughts to change the business unit on this journal entry at this point.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Unfortunately, you can't override the void given that the system inherently reverses the original posting. You will have to re-open that BU to allow it to post, and then you can do a manual JE to move it out of that BU.