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Changing servers


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Hi all,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am intending to upgrade our B7332 installation to Xe. However I wish to do this on a new pair of servers. This is so I can run through the upgrade process a couple times and not disrupt our ongoing development on our current installation.

We have a large amount of customisation on our current installtion that needs to remain intact for Xe. Therefore I wish to restore our current installation to a new machine with a new name for the upgrade. I have found a great document on the Knowledge Garden called 'Changing out a Deployment Server' (OTI-99-0057) that describes how to do this. Can anyone confirm that this method is successful and problem free?

Unfortunately I cannot find a corresponding document for the Enterprise server. Does anybody know if 'Changing out an Enterprise Server' exists. Or can anyone let me know what to restore to the new enterprise installation and what changes I need to make to the relevent tables in the restore database.

Many thanks in advance,

Rob Boden

OneWorld B7332 sp10
Ent Srv NT 4.0 sp6a, SQL 7.0 sp3


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Rob :

Gerd is right.
It's easy to change your Deployment as long as you keep the machine
name and the drive letters (C:, D:, etc.)
If you want to change the machine name, you'll have to poke into a lot
of technical tables, .INF files, JDE.INIs, etc. That would be a mess,
it's possible but very annoying.
NT Enterprise servers are also very easy to change, and Gerd's steps
on how to do it are correct too.
I've already done 3 migrations and initial migration and Xe installation
process won't disturb your production user activity, until the D-Day
arrives : final Production Table Conversion. Pure Adrenaline!

Initial installation basically does the following :

a) Install Xe on the Deployment (copying files from CD to disk), doesn't
affect user performance. The only tip is that you won't be able to access
B7332 from the Deployment console anymore.
b) Create Xe Central Objects and System Tables on the Enterprise. Takes
about 10 Gb of disk and 15 minutes on SQL2000. Shouldn't affect very much.
c) Loadall. It takes 30 minutes for 4 environments on SQL2000, it's
basically a massive insert on the Central Objects, and will slow disk
performance during that time.
d) Enterprise install. Needs about 14 Gb on the Enterprise and takes a
couple of hours. Slows disk down too, but uses little CPU and RAM.
e) Plan Creation. Only affects Deployment.
f) Installation Workbench. Will insert records on your Xe Central Objects,
System, CRP Control Tables and CRP Business Data while reading data from
B7332 Central Objects and Control Tables. In fact, the migrated
environment shouldn't be accessed from B7332 after the Table Conversion

Sebastian Sajaroff
B7321 to Xe, W2K, NT, SQL, JAS, Citrix
Migration Survivor.