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We are using tools for our non-production environments. Implementing E1 pages will be a phased approach. Rolling out the new tools release in production will start with the navigator button then drilling through the company's main menu structure.

To segregate DV/PY/PD environments, I'm interested in making some cosmetic color changes to clearly distinguish the three environments.

1) Where is the primary landing page that displays "Oracle JDE EDWARDS 9.0" located, and can I make changes to that ?

2) What about the banner bar that is dark blue which shows the 5 JDE buttons (home, navigator, open applications, recent reports favorites) can I change its color? Where is that located ?

..and lastly,

3) Once in an application, the similar blue banner bar, can that be changed ? Is it a different banner bar or the same from question 2 ?

Hope this made sense =)


I opened an SR with Oracle Support and was told that the color schemes cannot be changed, as they are part of their new Alta (I say "blah") style.
What I did find, however, is that I could change the logo that appears in the upper left corner of the screen (both in the login screen and the main screen once you have logged in).
The file is called oracle_logo_sm.png. This file from Oracle is white lettering with a transparent background. I shut down the web instance I want to update, copy my version of this file into 2 different places, and then restart the web instance.
We are on WebLogic 12.1.3, and I've found the following two directories need to have the file replaced by the custom version (for each web instance):


After restarting the web instance, I also found that I had to clear out my temporary files in my browser, and then I saw the updated logo in the upper left corner.
I use 1 logo for our Production instances, and different-colored ones for Dev and CRP.
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There are a lot of posts on this topic. I just searched on the word background, for example, and found several that should lead you in the right direction.

Let us know if you still have questions.
Dsuave / JMast - I will investigate further based on your suggestions / recommendations.

Thank you for the feedback.
The "Oracle JDE EDWARDS 9.0" image is located on the web server in (for us) C:\WebSphere70\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv04\installedApps\****DVWEBNode04Cell\HTML_Web_Server_***********.ear\webclient.war\share\images\welcome. It is called “logo_e900.png”. Simply rename the file to “logo_e900.original”, name your new picture to logo_e900.png and copy it into the welcome folder. You will need to stop/start the services , or reboot the web server for changes to take effect.
Does Oracle support the logo change method or any of these methods? I was under the impression that if you sent a screen shot to Oracle with any of the UI (even colors) changed they would not help with your support issue?

I haven't had an issue, and I change people.jpg, fundsscorp.gif, and oracle_logo.png Oracle has seen some of these on screen shots.

Stewart, thanks for the feedback and your link, I'm looking into it. I have a DV URL that I can experiment with as most of our developers end up using the webdev for their development testing so the server URL and instance is often available without any impact to anyone
I am in the time machine. :)
We just upgraded to 9.2 release 23. Is it still hard to modify the primary landing page saying Oracle J.D Edwards 9.2 release 23?
I think you are referring to the default page. If I recall that is a couple of different files:

This file holds the background:

And this file has the text ("JD Edwards EnterprinseOne 9.2 Release 23..." etc, etc ):

I believe you can simply replace those files with your own images. However, I don't think I've ever bothered.

Once you publish one E1 Page to a role that role no longer sees the default page anyway. And every role I've created has had at least one E1 Page. Most roles I've created have multiple E1 Pages with commonly used functions as tiles, among other things. In my opinion they are too useful and easy to create to deny a set of users that level of convenience.

However, if you still want to modify it I believe those two files might be a good place to start.
I am in the time machine. :)
We just upgraded to 9.2 release 23. Is it still hard to modify the primary landing page saying Oracle J.D Edwards 9.2 release 23?
In New release we can just use by adding the UDC , just check this below document , this is from 9.2.4.X