E9.0 Changing DNS names of all servers


We are planning to upgrade TL from to by cloning the existing setup into a new data center.
On migrating to new data center , we propose to change the server names since both setups are in the same client network.

Please advice the locations to have the JDE server names updated since we need to test the system is working fine before we start TL upgrade in new Data center.
I am sure this can be done from backend for control and system tables but if i can get the details will be really helpful.


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Here are the names of a few support documents that may help you:

E1: INST: How To Change Out a Windows Enterprise Server (Doc ID 1071557.1)
E1: INST: How To Change Out An iSeries Enterprise Server (Doc ID 644561.1)
E1: INST: How To Change Out A UNIX Enterprise Server (Doc ID 626162.1)
E1: INST: How to Change out a Deployment Server for EnterpriseOne Releases Xe - 9.2 (Doc ID 659735.1)

Use this search in support to get at "change out" documents for E1 - Search -> E1:INST change out

There are a lot of moving parts and a good understanding of CNC backend config tables is recommended. I would also suggest you consider using logical names (DNS or host file supported) in the future to decouple the physical host name from the "name" of the server in JDE. This then allows you to easily run cloned copies of JDE instances without need to record CNC configuration.

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There are documents listed for Ent server and Deployment server. Are there any documents on replacing the Database server? In my plans for this summer.