Changing DD Size


I was curious if anyone has seen this before. We made a change to a custom DD item and extended it's length from 2 to 3 in size. I've followed the instruction in the document listed here -

When I try to do a fetch next in my business function, it's like it terminates the fetch after the DD item in my data structure that was changed. Meaning, I have like 8 event variables to be populated from the fetch. When the fetch is ran and I'm debugging via VS 2010, I see the values for all variables being populated up to the DD item that was extended but I have 4 variables after that defined on the fetch that aren't being retrieved even though there is data in the table. I don't get the partial fetch.

I modified the DS and BF creating a new event variable and updated everything. I've deleted all ddict* and glbltbl* in the spec folders etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Off the top of my head I would double check the following:

Make sure you regenerated the table that uses the DD item in the database.
Confirmed the new field definition in the table in the actual database (the actual table, not the JDE definition)?
Checked the JDE table's .h file to see if the new size is reflected in the typedef for that field.
Rebuilt the BSFN.
Reviewed any other objects that may have used this DD item.