Changing database password jde xe


Good afternoon.

We’re actually working with JDE XE sp 23, WIN2003, on Deployment and Enterprise Server.
DB SQL 2000.
Citrix client windows server 2012.

And we need to change the database passwords, production, crp, etc. I was looking for a document but I hadn’t luck.
So can anybody could help me with this? Do you have any document related to this topic?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Elia - you're running production with that software ? I am amazed at what companies are doing with ancient software. Everything in your list is more than 15 years old, and we were still using flip-phones back then !

As for your question - there is a document on - E1: SEC: Frequently Asked Questions on EnterpriseOne User Passwords (Doc ID 1261994.1). If you're still paying maintenance, you should be able to search for that.

My recommendation is that either you look into upgrading your software, or you look into purchasing new software soon.
Thanks for your reply. The company is moving to a newer software but meanwhile, I need to do this.