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Change the physical location of Deployment Server


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Has anybody tried relocating the deployment server from one ring to another which involved IP address change as well as the server name change ?

Please advise impact and the steps to achieve it.

OneWorld XE SP15.1
COexistency with World A73Cum11


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You can change the IP address of your Deployment Server but you cannot change
it´s name without consequences.
Please refer to the "Changing out Deployment Server" from JDEdwards on what to
do when changing the DS´s name.

I did it reecently, and everything is ok. But we only change the IP address
not the name, the we only check that the users (mainly techis), could
"contact" the server.

Hope this help!

Rafael Rodríguez Velázquez
ERP Technology Specialist / System Managament
Grupo Lala
Tel: ( 52)5078 40 48

OneWorld XE SP15.1, HP9000 - HP UX 11, Oracle, Citrix Metaframe 1.8