Change the database



System specification is:
OS Enterprise Server: Win2000
Database Server: Win2000=20
DB: SQL Server 2000
OW version: OneWorld B7333 XE SP16

I am about to upgrade the current installation which is organised as =
- one Enterprise Server (win2000)
- one separate Database Server (win2000) - SQL Server 2000 relational =
database is installed on it
- one Deployment Server (win2000) - it's obvious;

to the new one which is gonna be organized quite similar:
- one Enterprise Server (win2000) - this is the same machine
- one separate Database Server (win2000) - ORACLE 8.1.7 EE relational =
- one Deployment Server (win2000) - this is the same machine;

the only difference is changing the database on the database server =
(maybe some hardware improvement is nedded against the database server =
such adding additional HDD storage but let's say it's out of our current =

So please, what steps do I need to take to successfully upgrade my =
installation ?

I will be grateful
best regards

Slawek Cichon
Software Engineer

tel. (022) 6392600


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Slawek :

You have to define and run a custom plan to add a new Enterprise Server
to your installation.
That Enterprise Server will have the machine name of your former UBE
After that, you've got to install NT Intel Enterprise Server CD on
your database server, install pathcodes and start up Xe services.
Finally, you should build server packages for that machine.