Change NER in existing BSSV


Hopefully someone can help me with this.

I have a BSSV that is calling an NER. Basically I want to change the BSSV so it calls a new function within the same NER. The data structure for the new function has the same layout as the function that the BSSV is currently calling. In the BSSV the code to execute the NER currently is:
bsfnService.execute(context, connection, "DLProcessShipments", bsfnParams);

The new function has a function name of DLProcessShipments2, so I changed the BSSV line above to:

bsfnService.execute(context, connection, "DLProcessShipments2", bsfnParams);

When I test this change in JDeveloper it works perfectly. But I think there must be more to it because once deployed it is still calling the original NER function.

Thank you for any help.
E1 9.2. Tools Release


I now think this is a check in issue. When I check in the BSSV change and do a BSSV ER source compare against Central Objects Path Code DV920, my code change is not in DV920. CNC built a package for my project and looked at the code in the package and my code change was not in the package. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it.

CNC is going to try a full DV920 package build and see if that fixes the issue.


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If it's not in central objects, I don't think a package build will help. I have had issues checking in a BSSV because the proper version of JDeveloper was not in JDE.INI. Apparently that drives where the workstation looks for a JRE\JDK to jar up the objects. Though I would get a workstation crash so I knew it didn't work. Anything in the OMW logs?



Hi Craig,

I love your company's Object Browser product. It has come in very handy through the years.

I saw nothing in the logs. I just looked in my JDE.INI file and the JDeveloper version is correct. I thought it probably would be correct because my OMW isn't crashing.

My company has a contractor that did some BSSV work for us, so I checked with him on my BSSV code change. He said the code change should work. Later when I figured out the code was not in central objects and I had a check in issue, I checked with the contractor. He said that BSSV code can be a pain. There are local folders that JDE creates and JDeveloper creates and any set of actions can make those folders unusable. None of that is easy to retrace and correct.

So I think what I am going to do is keep the BSSV the same and drastically change the NER.



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I would recommend waiting for the full build to happen and CNC to push that to your workstation and install it . The installation shud update all the needed files on local workstation as needed


The full build did not work, but CNC did find a work around to get the BSSV deployed and working. I am waiting on an email from CNC to find out what that work around was. When I find out I will post it here.