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Hello All, we have a custom interactive app which uses a headerless detail form to input information which is then loaded on a header detail form on save. The second form may have changes made on the first form which are loaded via event rules. I need to activate the HC OK on the second form when changes have been made to about 6 different fields on the first form. I have tried every event rule I can think of to activate HC OK but it appears to be blocked by the change confirmation.

Has anyone successfully been able to programmatically enable HC OK with change confirmation active?

Thanks so much for your feed back.


E9.1 TR9.1.4.6, Windows 2008, SQL 2008, WebSphere 7.


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Enable the OK control in the OK control properties and use the enable control and disable control system functions.


The problem is that the control is enabled but change confirmation disables it until something is physically typed into a field on the screen. I haven't been able to figure out which event rule, if any, will recognize the 'Enable Control(HC OK)'. I have put it in an event rule where I see the code right before it and right after it being executed but it ignores the enable OK.


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Try this....
Hide the forms natural &OK button.

Create your own OK/Save button and in there call/click button &OK yourself....?

You'll see this kind of thing happening a lot on powerforms. Save and continue, save and exit etc
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