E9.2 Change an enterprise and data server

Enterprise server

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I created a sandbox system for testing with the following configs:

--Tools release: 32bit
--Deployment server windows2016
--Enterprise server (Linux redhat 7) all pathcodes on this: PD, PY, DV and PS
--HTML Server (Linux redhat 7) JPD, JPY, JDV and JPS
--Data server (Oracle on AIX 7.2) All datasources on this one server.
--OneView (Linux redhat 7)

My issue:

I want to expand this sandbox to better reflect our live system. Instead of just having all the pathcodes on one enterprise server, I want to separate out PD920 to its own
enterprise server (basically adding another linux server just for PD).

I also need to move the PD920 business data, control data, data dictionary, object librarian and system datasource to it's own AIX data server. Separate from the data server for PS, PY and DV environments.

I haven't been able to find a clear way out how to achieve this. Any help or docs would be highly appreciated.