Change a Vendor from V to XV


Is there a mass change option to change vendors from V to XV? We have about 875 vendors that need to be changed to XV and my payables person is looking for a way to do a mass change. We run JDE on the iSeries


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Not sure about your reference to V/XV but you can either write a program -or- run an SQL update statement to make the changes.

If using SQL, you'll need to narrowly define the criteria to ensure only the correct records are updated. I prefer to use a SELECT statement first to make sure I'm accessing the right entries...and then change it to an UPDATE statment to make the changes.


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Old School Update

And for those of us old timers there is always the World Writer update.

1. Set the WW Query Group Level Security for the User Profile to allow Field Update (Fupd = Y).
2. Set the WW Field Level Security for the User Profile/File and set the specific field to allow update.
3. Build the WW in the Group Authorized in #1 above.
a. Add fields to query to print including the field to be revised
b. Add a field to query to have the new value in the Calcs Opt. 1 ex. NWAT1 = 'XV'
c. Build the Data Selection to only pull the records to change and run a test to view the results
d. Set the field to update with Opt. 7 Query File Update with the new field name (ABAT1 = NWAT1)
e, Run the query to update the field with the new value

I know this is not as easy as just using Interactive SQL but this is lesson in JDE History processing. Much like using P00PURGE to remove records from a file and reorganize it.
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