Central Objects on AS/400, IXS


We are considering a few changes to our environment when we go to Xe, and
are wondering if anyone has any experience with them.

1) Central Objects on the AS/400
Currently, our central objects are in an Oracle database on our deployment
server (NT). If we move these to the AS/400, does that then eliminate the
need for an Oracle client on the OneWorld client? What should we expect
as a performance impact from doing this? Am I right that we still need an
NT deployment server if we do this?

2) IXS as deployment server - we are considering replacing our aging NT
deployment server with an Integrated xSeries (Netfinity) Server on the
AS/400 - basically an Intel motherboard on a card that sits in the AS/400
and uses AS/400 disk. We've heard that this can be a more stable
implementation of NT, is faster (at least in the lab) for OneWorld, has
greater manageability of backups and greater flexibility for copying the
disk (for testing or a "hot spare").

Of course, we are hearing this from IBM sources. Does anyone out there
have experience with a deployment server on an integrated NT server card
on an AS/400 / iSeries/400?

Thank you!

Jeff Carey
Technical Specialist
AS/400 Technology
Transaction Processing Systems


Here is my 2 cents.

I have CO on the AS/400 currently and I think it is good that it eliminates the Deployment server as anther point of failure for production run. You do need DS for your developers to check in/out. Therefore you still need the Oracle client on the OneWorld client.

I don't have experience with the integrated card but I imagine it will simplify your back up procedure (single source) and also eliminates net work delay between the ES and DS.

Good luck.

Wilfred Lee
Coexistence XE


We struggled with this as well. Performance was finally the deciding factor.
Currently we have Central Objects on a Compaq running Windows 2000 and found it performed better than the NT card in the AS400 because the deployment server had to travel the network to CO on the AS400 during package builds. We did have some JDE/IBM folks bouncing around the possibility of the AS400 as the deployment server as well, but could not get clear concensus on whether this would work or not. Our configuration we are testing with is as follows:
Deployment Server - Compaq Windows 2000.
Enterprise Server - AS400. Model 620 about 114 CPW. V4R5.
Web / Jas Server - AS400. Model 740 about 480CPW per CPU. Our test partition has 2 CPUs. V4R5.
and we are running co-existance.