CCSID Change?


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Our current system value is set to 65535 and we wanting to change it to 037 for reasons outside JDE. We do not support anything other than English on our AS/400. Anyone know if there are any gotcha's in doing this?? I checked the KG as well as the List archives and didn't find anything...

On the side... We also have a test OneWeird (oops) environment on this AS/400 and does anyone possibly know of any gotcha's there as well?

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, SP14.2 V4R5 (not happy)


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We have programs available to assist with CCSID changes on
WorldSoftware. This is a combination of conversion programs, integrity
reports, and manual data review/changes. This can be a rather large
project taking 3+ months, depending on the state and size of your
database. I highly recommend that you get a consultant from Technical
Support Line to help you onsite with this, as they are the experts in
this subject.


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FW: CCSID Change?

More clarification on CCSID change -

For any customer that is strictly US English and has a value of 65535
for QCCSID it should be a simple matter of just changing it to 37. But
the customer would want to contact Response Line first just to check all
parameters. There would not be any conversion of data for such a