E8.12 Cat. Code - Company master


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There are cat. codes available for Address Book, Business Unit etc. I never heard about category codes on Companies.

If I want to group some companies (like parent group company, affiliates etc), what is the best way ?
One way is to use cat. code associated with Address Book number of the specific company. Another way is to use a tag table and create custom data items and UDCs so that we can define many cat. codes.

Your comments are most welcomed.


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You mentioned category codes on the Address Book number of the company, but in a similar way you can set up a parent-child hierarchy if you're main goal is a rollup of parent, affiliates and the like.

Also, you may want to explore using the supplemental database, or SDB. It is similar to creating a tag table and custom data items but no custom coding would be required if your needs exceed rollups.