Capture Printer Selection in a B733.2 OneWorld UBE


I have a need to capture the specific printer the user selected in a field to be displayed on the UBE (report) in order to perform some customization with a product named Optio. My goal is to setup a string variable an assign the printer value in a manner similar to assigning the report version. OneWorld does not offer a system value for this purpose and I could not locate any business or system functions that would also assist. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions? Many thanks!!!
Here's what we have done to print purchase orders using Optio (which does
not answer your question on how to obtain the printer at run-time, but might
give you a different perspective).

We created a customized version of R43500. We changed the version to:

* Force the printer to always be the Optio printer, irrespective of
the user's default OW printer (the user should not change the printer. Print
setup in the RDA when modifying the version to force the PDF to Optio for
all users).
* We then created a BSFN to get the user's default printer from the OW
printer tables.
* Modified the page header to list the printer in the PDF
* Mapped Optio to pick up the printer from the PDF.
* Optio then routes the report to the user's default printer.

In our environment this worked because the users who request the purchase
orders normally only have one printer they always print to. Does not give a
lot of flexibility, but it works. This also allowed us to only have one
version to be used at all the different locations (and not create a separate
version for each location). We used the same method for PO receivers and
payroll checks which print at several different locations.

Not sure how you are going to allow the user to change the printer at
submission time and then still route the PDF to Optio (which is just a
printer defined in OW). If you know how to do this, let us know. Maybe we
are missing something....:)

Hope this helps.


Re: RE: Capture Printer Selection in a B733.2 OneWorld UBE

Thanks for the response and the very good information. We were thinking along similar lines. I have not written alot of business functions myself. Would you be able (and willing) to email detailed instructions on how you setup this default printer business function? I can receive this information at [email protected]. Again thanks for the great solution to this Optio/JDE UBE issue!