capacity requirements planning in world, one world

hello list.

would appreciate hearing some tips on the following:

we are currently running world a73 cum 8 going to one world xe. as of the
moment we have not been using capacity requirements planning in jde and is
instead using a locally-developed excel-based tool. our problem is, we run
our products (we are a regional health care/pharma firm), identified by
work orders in succession (work orders of the same products one after
another, which could mean a 3-5 day run). there must be a way to set up the
jde system so that the set up time is not added each time a work order is

this is the main reason why crp is not used. as set up time is added to a
new order, capacity picture is incorrect.

i'm quite new with jde and would appreciate if you could help us on this.

thanks in advance.

united laboratories
manila, philippines


You may want to look into using alternate routings. Try setting up the
master routing with no set up time and alternate routings with set up time.
As long as you always use the alternate routing for the first run of the 3-5
days you will have setup on the first run and automatically have no setup on
the jobs that follow.

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I agree with Ron with using alternate routers, but the caution I would have
with having the 'M' router without the setup, would be if you are doing cost
rollups, the rolled up cost would not include the setup labor.