E9.2 Can't tab into grid after pressing OK


I haven't been doing JDE development long, so there might be a simple solution I am overlooking here...

On a headerless detail form, I can tab through all the fields in the form and into the grid. Once I click OK (or do ctrl + alt + O) I lose the ability to tab into the grid. I can still tab through all of my form fields, but once I've tabbed through them all, I start tabbing through the HTML elements on the page, bypassing the grid completely. It is as if pressing OK cuts off my tab sequence. I can still *click* into the grid with my mouse, but I have users who don't want to have to use their mouse for every entry they make.

I thought it might have something to do with the form mode, but I debugged and it stays in add_mode throughout.


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Not sure if this will work, but it sounds like it might :)
Try going to your last form control and in it's Control is Exited event try calling system function Set Focus On Grid