Can't see bottom of pop up windows in standalone system


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I have a standalone 9.1 installed and working fine. However, I have encountered a silly yet perplexing problem.

I am running Oracle VM and Windows 7 pro. I have a form event on a header detail form. I click on the event and go into Event Rules and click Control Exited/Changed Inline. I then select Table I/O and try to select Fetch Single. Even though I can't see the Next or Cancel buttons at the bottom of the screen I can guess which button is which and tab to it and hit enter. It'a a problem but I can get around it.

However, when the Data Source selection screen appears I can find the file I need but I can't select it. Using the tab key just takes me to the next file in the list. I can't see a Next button, or a Cancel button etc at the bottom of the screen and I can't move the screen high enough to be able to see them.

I hope I am explaining this well enough that it makes sense to you. Basically, I can't see the bottom of some of the pop up selection screens in order to click them.

Anyone else ever encounter this or know how to get around it?

Thanks in advance!