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Cannot create PDF file

Didier M.

My DCL is supposed to create a PDF file, but nothing is created. I have checked the log and the condition is matched, but the file c:\temp\bl.pdf is not created.
Do you know if there is an Optio add on or something else to install on my Optio server to get this PDF created ?
i am using eComIntegrate 7.7.
Thanks in advance,



Legendary Poster
First, please include your configuration (not just Optio) -- what JDE app level, tools release, etc. are you running?

Try pausing your Optio printer queue for this document and make sure the print job is actually making it into the queue.

Next, log your input file contents to a text file to see what content is being processed by Optio. Maybe your data shifted up, down, left or right a bit.

Have you recently changed JDE tools releases? This sometimes can cause lines to shift in generated PDF's.