Canned report totals in a table somewhere?



I am trying to capture the business unit totals found on a 536 page JDE report by using MS Query. There are about 50 business unit totals, and the remainder is detail. The 50 totals could probably be summed up in 5 pages or less. Does OneWorld store calculations for canned reports in a table somewhere? The table where the data is located (F0902) doesn't have any of the calculated totals.

Has anyone else encountered a similar situation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your replies.

We are on OneWorld Release B32, Version SP12.2.


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I think you're out of luck on this one - I believe the totals are calculated at run time. What you could do is modify the report.
If the totals already appear on the report, then you could hide the detail sections and only print the totals section. I see you're on B732, which has reduced functionality. From B7331 onwards, you could then output the results to CSV. With B732, as far as I remember, you can only output to pdf. If you need them in Excel, then try an add on for Acrobat - I think there's one called Redwing which will take the data from pdf into xls format.

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Customer: Xe/NT/Oracle (and FCC1.5)
Office: B7331/NT/SQL


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you may want to look at the report and see how it accumulates totals then
modify the report every time a total is written write to a new custom table
then run another report from you canned report that gives you the totals you
are looking for; a programming piece of cake.