Cancel PO and PR in one shot



I am currently cancelling the backlog orders for Purchase orders form last year,
But after the purchase order is being cancelled, it will be transferred to a Purchase request.

My question, if there is a transaction code to cancel both in one shot, to avoid double work ?

Thanks for all



I can't speak to other processes, but for us. Typically a requisition to purchase is created 1st, and from there if pricing is good, and it's not going out for quotes etc... you can turn that REQ (OR Ty) into a Purchase Order (OP Ty)... at which point, your REQ becomes obsolete, and should automatically change to a completed (closed) status at a line detail level. So you really only need to deal with REQ's that aren't tied to PO's, or Item's yet to be received. Assuming everything went as planned that is... always going to have occasional road bumps and exceptions to the case.

But to answer your question, no... not aware of a UBE or Application that allows you to just close open OP's and OR's in mass. Custom UBE maybe?

Alternatively though, you could look at Oracles E1: 43: Encumbrance Rollover (R4317) (Doc ID 625473.1) process. Might be close to what you're looking for maybe?

Olavo Henrique Dias

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At the company I work we had the same issue. The solution was to customize the system to perform the cascade cancellation. We never found a doable way to do that using the standard JDE.