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Our company is looking at using Cancel Date on the Sales Order Header screen for other purposes. We are going to use it for a return due date field, Has anyone done this? What are the pro's and con's that will happen by using this method.

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Hi 'jde_x_pert'

As far as I am aware, the Cancel date field on the sales order header has no logic attached to it. I guess JDE at some stage will use it (hopefully for something like Blanket Order expiry date). So as such this field is available for use. The Cancel Date on the F4211 is used however when you cancel an order.

In Standard JDE the cancel date will NOT be copied to the detail file, unless you mark SHCNDJ with '1' through the "define" form exit. But even when you do, the order will NOT be cancelled. However when you cancel the order detail the conventional way (row exit in revision), the cancel date itself will not be refreshed and will retain the original value.

The "Safest bet" for a user defined Date is to include the SHURDT on the header. With this date field you can be assured no further repercussions occur.

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