Can Transfer Order Ship Confirm Update Next Status for Purchase Order?


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We are using ST Transfer Orders to export our inventory from one company to another. The proposed ST is entered by one group; the actual shipment confirmation (P4205) is completed by another group potentially days later when the items are physically shipped.

Obviously, the OT is created at the time of order entry. They can see the order has been entered, but not if the order has been sent. Our receiving companies do not have security to see the ST, nor will we do so because of confidentiality concerns. So, there are continuous questions from the receiving companies on whether or not items have been shipped because there is no visibility to the ST statuses.

I am wondering if there are any options to have the Next Status OT updated when you complete the Ship Confirmation on the ST. For example, when the ship confirmation is completed, the OT is updated from status 220/240 to 220/280 (or 220/240 to 240/280). Any help is appreciated
I will suggest you check the order activity rules, (G4241) this should give you the Sales Order Management setup where you can then check the order activities rule for the ST and OT orders, there you will see the status for these orders. At the status where a ship confirmation is generated into eone, the application being used by your company for PGI that updating the ship confirmation into eone, there should also be a data feeding the OT order process for ST as a job to update the last status of OT order. I am assuming your company OT order is the Purchase order and the Purchase requisition last status is 220.
Thanks for replying and I hope you forgive my ignorance. I have checked the setup. Our OT is set up with a last status of 220 and a next status of 400 (we do not print or require approvals).

I'm not sure what is meant by PGI - we use the P4205 program for ship confirmation. I don't see any options to update the status on the OT. Is there an outside process required to do so or something I'm missing in the processing options?

Thanks again for your reply!
No standard functionly to do that automatically.

- From JDE, use the PO speed status update program.
- Mod P4205 to bump the status
- We use DSI and updated it to bump the status on shipment
Another option is to use Receipt Routes.
The Ship Confirm program has processing options to cause the shipped quantity of the item on the OT purchase order to be automatically receipted - but not to stock, but into a Receipt Route where the first step may be In Transit.
The receiving Branch can then see that the quantity has moved from On Purchase Order into In Transit via the Item Availability Inquiry.
When the goods arrive then the Purchase Order Movement & Disposition app. can be used to move from In Transit into Stock.
This also gives you the ability to have an Inspection step in the Receipt Route if need be.

Regards - Vic Clarke