Can Proc Option Mismatch, cause Zombie Kernels?


If someone would be so kind, I could use a little insight or at least let me know if I'm headed in the right direction or not with these ZOMBIE Kernel issues we've been experiencing.
Using JDE 9.0, on an AS400 if that helps. I've attached 2 logs for overview...

I can see the Call Object Kernal starting up, then get a RUN0000066 warning. The only thing I see consistent between each log file I've reviewed is the applications that seems to follow these RUN0000066 warnings. P13714, P13730, P13732 which we've customized over the years.

Would I be on the right track to look at redeploying the data structures for T13714, T13730, and T13732?


Based on my logs, is it something entirely else?

Any help/insight is appreciated, noobie here.

Maybe it is something with the new forum format, but I do not see attachments. Can you post the part of the log you are referring to?