Can I purchase Cognos Catalog for OneWorld Anywhere ?


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We are in the process of Implementing OneWorld and are evaluting our reporting / analysis / scorecard options. IS there anyone that sells a cognos catalog for OneWorld anywhere ?

Hi Jdework,

We also use Cognos as our Business Intelligence solution, with the add-on e-Applications for JDEdwards OneWorld. That add-on extracts data from our JDEdwards databases and inserts it in a Data Warehouse database. From that Data Warehouse we create our reports and publish them to Cognos Upfront (web solution).

e-Applications is from Cognos as well. They can give you more information.

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The e-Applications, as I understand them, were
developed by a company called Enabled Worlds
(, which is a joint venture
between Cognos and CD Group. There are a tremendous
number of pre-defined KPIs, graphics, and reporting
written for each of the primary JDE modules.

Rick Resto

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Rick Resto
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