Can a UBE submit another UBE to a different job queue


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

When a UBE submits another UBE, the second UBE is submitted to run in the job queue that the first UBE was running in. Even if they second UBE version is defined to run in a different queue.

Is there any way to for the second UBE to run in its defined queue, rather than just using the queue of the first UBE. There does not appear to be a way to do that. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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E1: UBE: Understanding Job Queue Precedence and Inheritance for EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 643483.1)


E1: RDA: How To Create a Report Interconnect (Doc ID 626500.1)

How to Define the Server Used for a Child UBE at Runtime

Currently when a Child UBE is called asynchronously, the execution can be controlled by defining a Server Map OCM for the Child UBE report.

If Child UBE server should be defined based on different conditions in Parent UBE, this cannot be controlled using OCM. Instead create a C business function to call API jdelaunchUBEEx populated with the HostName so that Child UBE can be run on a specific server at runtime
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